How To Activate Windows 10 | Free Download KMS Activator

Most laptops now have windows. But for some other reason, I have to install the window separately, then we have to activate the window. Then we have to buy a license with money to be active. Otherwise, I can’t access some software like Word, Gallery, etc. Activation of the Windows 10 or other Windows operating system can be done either by activating the product key again if done so earlier. In case you activated the Windows 10 or other Windows license linking it to your Microsoft account, activation on the same device can be done easily with the digital license. If the window is not active then we have to face the following problem: –

How To Activate Windows 10
How To Activate Windows 10

How to activate Windows 10 without product keys?

When you’ve built a new computer or are re-activating a computer that previously had Windows 10 or other Windows activated using a product key, here’s the way to use a product key to activate Windows 10 or other Windows.

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KMSauto Activator

KMSauto Activator is the best program in order to activate your Windows 10/8/7 and Microsoft Office. This windows software easy to use and does not require any experience to bring the activation windows keys to use when trying to activate the program.

Windows 10 Permanent Activator ultimate is a program that finder for make and retail windows key in different servers for Windows 10 and other Windows all types of publications. The windows Keys are automatically updated daily. This KMSauto software is one of the best applications for Windows 10 Activators with daily mak and retail updates key. It’s the best windows application in order to activate our Windows 10 and other Windows. In this addition easy to use and does not require any experience to bring the activation windows keys to use when trying to activate the program.

You can enjoy Microsoft Windows products for lifetime activation by using KMSauto latest free version. You can also use any other activator free download that but you can help you to activation your Windows or Microsoft Office for free. If you need any help to install this windows application, you can contact us via email or comment below. Please share this post with friends and family.

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If you knew how to activate windows 10, then you can see the following step :

Step: 1

First of all do you have download to KMS Activator, you can download the following describe link…

KMS Activator
File NameKMSAuto – Lite
Size3.28 MB
Architecture32bit (x86)/ 64bit (x64)
Download Link

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Step: 2

After download this software , then Extract in any folder you want….

Note: If your antivirus is active, then first stop the antivirus and extract again.

Activate Windows 10
How To Activate Windows 10

Step: 3

After extracted the you will see two zip file one 32 bit and 2nd 64 bit for your comfortable operating system and extract which you want to install like 64 bit..

Windows 10 Activator
How To Activate Windows 10

Step: 4

Then install the KMSauto x64 setup file..

How To Activate Windows 10
How To Activate Windows 10

Step: 5

After install, Click Main Window Tab…

KMSAuto Lite Activator
How To Activate Windows 10

Step: 6

Now select Activation radio button..

Windows 10 Activator
How To Activate Windows 10

Step: 7

Then finally click the Activate Windows button..

Note: if you want active your Microsoft Office then you click on 2nd option “Activate Office”

KMSAuto Activator
How To Activate Windows 10

Step: 8

Finally your windows has been successfully activated..

KMSPico Activator
Activate Windows 10

Features of KMSauto Activator

       KMSauto Activator is totally safe for use on our PC. This Windows software is 100% free of any malware or viruses that may bring harm to our PC. Cases of people installing this KMSauto activator and other computer programs that then sniff on their personal information have become rampant in recent times. The KMSauto Windows software developers, however, have ensured that you do not become a victim of this by making their activator malware and virus free and safe for our Operating System. If you use this above software you can rest knowing that all your personal information and passwords are safe. Cases of spam ads are also a thing of the past with the KMSauto Activator for Windows 10 and pro.

  1.   There are many ways to register Microsoft any products like windows, office and etc, but they are not a permanent program. But here the KMSauto activator comes which activated these applications for the lifetime and permanent here does not require any experience to bring the activation. So if you can use Microsoft products for a long time. Then the activation will be fully permanent.
  2. if you use Microsoft products without activation, then you will get some issue. Sometimes you can’t access some features like you do not use Microsoft Office, Microsoft photo gallery, etc. Then you must activation your application to unlock these features. Now you have the KMSauto activator which can unlock features for you.
  3. We already know that Windows 10 is the latest operating system by Microsoft. After Windows 8.1, Microsoft released Windows 10 still now this operating system the most secure and powerful operating system. So, if you already upgrade to Windows 10 and looking for the best solution to activation these, here are the KMSaouto Activator available. You can use the KMSauto Activator as activation of the Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 has a few versions, and this application will support all versions of the Windows operating system. So you can download it’s and use it as Windows 10 activator for free.
  4.  Today’s Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 operating system is a popular operating system. Windows 7 operating system has many features to use a very easy and easy user interface. So people like it and still are using this OS. That meant many people want to activate these operating systems by using these KMS activators. So, if you are using this Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 version of the Microsoft operating system, you can use our this KMS activator to activate your Operating System. You can quickly activate these Operating System and make the genuine version is free permanently.
  5. Do you want to make your Microsoft product a genuine version? Then you know that you need to use the real license key to make the paid version. But the KMSauto Activator tool is a good activator that can make the paid version of Microsoft product without any paid.

So, thank you… if you need any help to install this kms application and if you face any problem to active your windows or any Microsoft product via KMS activator then comment below or contact via email.

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