How to Prevent Swollen Phone Battery | Best Tips

You may have noticed that many times the mobile phone battery gets swollen after a while. Have you ever wondered why the battery gets swollen, what causes the mobile phone battery to get swollen. From here you can easily understand the reason why the battery of the mobile swells.

Why Mobile Phone Batteries Swell ?

Swollen Phone Battery
Swollen Phone Battery

Most people nowadays use smart phones, and most smart phones use Li-ion batteries. Because these batteries are a little smarter. But no matter how smart the battery is or how much technology there is, at some point the battery gets bad or the battery gets swollen. There is a reason behind this which causes the battery to swell. Think about how a thing can swell ? maybe if water gets inside the thing, if something is forced into it and If there is gas inside the thing then the thing swells. Yes, this is exactly when gas enters our mobile Phone Battery, then our mobile phone battery gets inflated.

But you will have a question about how the gas enters the battery. The battery of the mobile has two sides, one positive and the other negative. The positive side is called anode and the negative side is called cathode. When the mobile is charged, then chemical reactions start between them. And where the chemical reaction takes place, gas must come out. The battery of our mobile phone has a material inside it. The chemical reaction in this material starts when our mobile phone is charged. And this material is covered with a cover through which no gas can come out. This causes gas to slowly accumulate inside the battery. When the gas inside the battery is completely filled, then our battery swells.This gas takes time to fill up, depending on the battery of your mobile.

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What’s reason for with our mobile phone battery swelling ?

Basically, there are three main reasons why Swollen Phone Battery.

1. Mobile phone overheating

The main reason behind the mobile phone getting hot is that the mobile phone gets too hot. When the mobile phone gets hot,then the charge of the mobile ends quickly. As a result of overheating, the chemical reaction in the battery starts to happen very quickly. For which after the negative effect in the battery and then the battery quickly deteriorates. So try switching off your phone when it gets too hot, and turning it on again when it gets cold. This way your battery will stay good.

2. Overcharging

Overcharging is a problem that causes your phone’s battery to swell quickly. And the problem of overcharging will not be the same when you use an original charger. This problem can occur when you use a duplicate charger. So always try to use the original charger. If you use the original charger then you do not have to face this kind of problem. As a result, the battery of your phone will be better. And soon the battery will not swell.

3. Manufacturing Mistake

Sometimes it happens that when we buy a phone, the battery that comes with the phone may have a manufacturing mistake in it. That means it is already a defective piece. It could also be that the battery we get with the phone is low quality. Which causes our batteries to swell or deteriorate quickly. Because of this, sometimes it becomes a blast. So try to replace your phone battery if it gets a little swollen. Otherwise it could also be the reason your phone gets blasted.

So if you follow these three tips, then the battery of your mobile phone will not swell quickly or get bad. This way you can Prevent Swollen Phone Battery.

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