How To See Saved WiFi Password On Android Device

Today’s article on how to see saved or connected WiFi password on an android device. While Android has many unique and useful features, it lacks some of the basic functionality that other operating systems offer. One of these is the ability to view passwords for WiFi networks stored on your device. It is currently not possible to view stored WiFi passwords on your Android device without root access. However, it is still good to know that Android has a function to save the WiFi password.

See Saved WiFi Password On Android Device
See Saved WiFi Password On Android Device

While there are other options, such as using your laptop or communicating directly with the people responsible for asking for passwords, using your Android phone is probably the easiest way to view saved WiFi passwords.

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Solution 1: To See Saved WiFi Password On Recent Android Version

If you have a recent Android version of the phone, then you can do it very easily. And this will be done through (QR CODE). Basically Qr Code is used to share the password of Wi-Fi. But when you share from one phone to another with QR Code, but the password of Wi-Fi is not visible. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Android Settings
  2. Select Network & Internet
  3. Tap Wi-Fi
  4. Then go to your Wi-Fi list

Once you click where the Wi-Fi is connected, you will see a QR CODE as soon as you click. But this feature may show differently on each phone. But no worries you just find the QR CODE and take a screenshot of that screen. After taking the screenshot, crop it and keep only part of the QR CODE and saving it, save it as an image format. Then go to Google and search QR Code Extractor, then you will see a website called ZXing Decoder Online, but it may be to find, you will basically open that website.

After opening, you will notice that by clicking on Browse text, you will only upload the image of QR-Code that you created with the screenshot. After uploading, click on submit. Then you can find the WiFi password in the background of your QR-CODE will come out, and this password is your WiFi password.

Solution 2: Using ES File Explorer or X-Plore App On Rooted Android Devices

If you want to find out the WiFi password using the number two method, then your phone needs to be rooted. Which is not recommended at all, even if your phone is rooted, you will have root access with any of the Root Explorer Special ES File Explorer or only X-Plore Manager.

  1. Open the ES File Explorer or X-Plore app on your rooted Android device
  2. Navigate to the root folder
  3. From the root folder, go to data > misc > WiFi location
  4. Then there is a file called wpa_supplicant.conf and open this file then this file has Wi-Fi password inside. While this may vary from one phone to another, you need to find out. Again you can go to the search box and search by typing “wpa_supplicant.conf“, then you will find this file more easily. However, I would like to say again that mobile routing is not recommended at all.

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Solution 3: To Find Connected WiFi Password Using Password Recovery App On Android Devices

Although the above procedure is simple and straightforward, it involves some additional steps to explain the correct file and password. If you want to see saved WiFi passwords directly without doing anything, using a password recovery app might be the ideal choice.

There are lots of password recovery apps in the Google Play Store and most of them work as expected. For work-only display purposes, we are using the WiFi Password Recovery Pro app for this tutorial.

Download and install the app. Now, open the application and then allow the supervisor to work properly. The application will list all WiFi networks connected to your device with your security protocols. You can select any network you want, and the app will only display the password for that particular network. This application even allows you to copy and share the password. There is another alternative app that you can try from Google Play Store WiFi Password Recovery.

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