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Many people are playing tombola, teen Patti But there are two games among which there is tough competition and they are: PUBG VS FREE FIRE. PUBG & FREE FIRE two are most popular right now So, what are the differences between these two games what are the pros, what are the cons, and which one is the best game between these two?


Basics of PUBG and FREE FIRE Games :

If I talk about the basics of these two games, then both the games are battle royale. In both games, you will be carried away in a plane, in PUBG’s classic mode there are 100 players and in FREE FIRE there are 50. You will have to jump from this plane, pick up the items as soon as you’re on the ground, smash others, and stay alive in the zone. So, if everything is the same, then what are the differences between them? I will tell you, So, the very first difference is in their size PUBG’s installation size is around 2GB and after downloading the maps it goes up to 4-5GB On the other hand, FREE FIRE’s installation size is just 500 MB and after downloading the maps, it goes up to around 1GB. So, for playing FREE FIRE in your light phone, you don’t have to uninstall apps, delete photos, videos, they can be at their place safely. Let me tell you a cool fact, PUBG came in 2018 and FREE FIRE came in 2017, so whoever tells that FREE FIRE has copied PUBG then those people might be wrong But, this can be a possibility that PUBG Pc came earlier so, FREE FIRE might have copied PUBG Whosoever copied whom, tell me in the comments.

Because in PUBG, there are 100 players in the classic mode so, its match can stretch till 35 min rather because there are only 50 players in FREE FIRE the game only continues for 10-12 min. Because of these short games in FREE FIRE, your winning chances increase even more on the other hand, because of PUBG’s bigger match size, your chances of doing “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” get even lesser. By the way, there’s Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG then, in what is it in FREE FIRE?

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For PUBG’s smooth game play, your android phone should have 4GB ram and a good CPU is very necessary, rather FREE FIRE can be played easily on your low-end devices because its size and GPU demand both are less PUBG’s tantrums are way too high because if you set your graphics settings to be HDR or High FPS then it doesn’t seem to be a mobile game with such a realistic shadow, realistic objects, and after all this, PUBG looks like a very premium game. And, if I talk about FREE FIRE then, it seems to be like a 2013’s pc game. And, if I set the FREE FIRE’s graphic settings to be the highest than also it can’t be even half of PUBG’s graphics In PUBG, you will get a lot of customization, rather it is the vinyl in the rewards, gun skins, parachutes, costumes or hairstyles. You will get these customizations in FREE FIRE too, but it is quite limited If you change character in PUBG then, it only reflects in its looks, on the other hand, In FREE FIRE, if you change your character then, new skills will be added too.

Maps Details:

In FREE FIRE, you have two maps: Bermuda and Kalahari, and according to the game’s size, both of these maps are designed perfectly. In PUBG, you have four maps: Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Recently, Miramar’s update has come i.e., Mad Miramar, which is incredible. Amongst these, my personal favorite is Vikendi, very realistic shadows, very realistic sunlight, and the time and weather variations in PUBG takes it to a new level in Vikendi This is my favorite, which one is your favorite map amongst these two games? The vehicles that you get in FREE FIRE, they look like to be animated but options are very cool such as monster trucks, superbike, etc, etc. But, in PUBG, you get a lot of options in vehicles such as mini bus, scooters, muscle car, and by look, by driving and they sound very real, also, you get a boat in PUBG.

PUBG VS FREE FIRE More details:

In guns too, PUBG is the clear winner, from AR to SMGs, and from shotguns to rifles, you get a lot of options in it, and in the latest updates, new guns keep on adding in both of these games like in PUBG, P90 has recently come. To be truthful, for both of these games, its audience is a bit different, because for playing PUBG, you should have a loaded specs phone so that you can enjoy impressive graphics and that too on the mobile game, on the other hand, you can enjoy FREE FIRE on basic android phone like RedMi 6, so maybe PUBG’s downloads are 100 million-plus and FREEFIRE’s downloads are 500 million-plus So, think about which game is more popular?

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