Switching from Android to iPhone | Six big problem

Switching from Android to iPhone

If you are using Android now and are thinking of Switching from Android to iPhone. Then you have taken a very good decision. Because the security of iPhone is much better than Android. But you have to face a lot of problems here. iPhone is a phone that does not have as many features as Android. So you need to know these in advance.

Switching From Android To iPhone
Switching From Android To iPhone

Six big problems when you use the iphone

1. Incoming Caller Screen:

Incoming caller screen is a big problem for iPhone users. You may have seen on Android that when an incoming call comes in, you can easily minimize it. You also used apps or the Internet at the same time. But the iPhone does not have such a system. If someone calls you and you do something important job, then your caller screen will not be minimized. Then you may need to cut or receive calls. Now if you are watching a movie or playing a game on your iPhone and you do not want to receive the call of the incoming call, then you have to receive or cut that call. And if someone calls you like this again and again, you will get upset. So you will never want such features. But if you use it on iPhone then you have to face it if you want Switching from Android to iPhone.

2. Media Download :

Then Media download is a big problem for iPhone users. If it so happens that you bought the phone for fifty thousand, one laks or one and a half lakh rupees. If you can’t download any songs, videos, photos from the internet on that phone, then what will be? Yes, friends, the freedom you get on your Android phone to download any songs, videos or photos from the internet, you will not get on your iPhone. That means you can’t download any songs or videos from any other third party website on your iPhone. They have their own apps to listen to or download any song on iPhone and you can listen or download songs from there. But for this you have to take the service with money. And it won’t be right for ordinary users.

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3. Customize UI :

Next Customize UI it is a problem for iPhone users. If you are an Android user, you may have customized the UI or changed the launcher, home screen, etc. But you can’t do these kinds of things on iPhone. The UI that the iPhone will give you from the beginning, you have to use it forever. Then think how annoying it is. If you are an iPhone user then you have been using the same UI from the beginning and now Apple has upgraded many new iOS, UI. But you can’t change that. In a word, the way you can customize the UI on Android, you can’t do it on the iPhone.

4. Memory Card :

Memory Card is the big problem for the iPhone users. We all know that we have dedicated memory card support for extending memory or internal storage on Android. But you might look at the iPhone, All iPhone models are not support an external memory card. So you have to use the fixed storage that will give you. You can never extend that storage. This is a big problem for iPhone users. If you can’t extend storage, you can’t keep more files on your phone.

5. Charger :

Next, Charger it is the big problem for iPhone users. So friends, you may know that when an iPhone is bought, it is accompanied by a charger, but that charger is very slow. And yes, then you have to buy a first charger to pay extra money. This means that even if you buy a phone for iPhone for one lakh, one and a half lakh rupees, you have to buy a fast charger with extra money. Then, the iPhone will only support the iPhone’s charger. You cannot use the charger of any other company or any other phone.

Think about it, if you go somewhere and you use an Android phone, you can easily charge your phone with someone else’s Android phone charger. But if you use it on iPhone, you can’t charge your iPhone with someone’s Android phone charger. So this is a very big problem for iPhone users.

6. Apps Download :

You will see that you can download apps from any app store on Android phone or from any third party website. And you can install it on your phone in a very simple way. Even you can install a variety of apps from the Play Store in a very simple way. But if we talk about the iPhone, then all the apps on the iPhone have to be downloaded from the App Store. Cannot download from any third party apps or any third party website. Also most of the apps in the app store are paid versions. And you have to pay to use all these apps. If we compare it with Android, then most of the apps can be installed for free or the service can be taken for free. But on the iPhone you need to use a credit card to give credit card details. Then you can use all the apps.

If you want Switching from Android to iPhone It would be very annoying if you take a good look at all these things. Just think that even if you spend one lakh rupees, you will not get this kind of benefit. But behind all this is Apple’s restrictions, Apple has put their restrictions here for their security. So you can’t do this kind of work on your iPhone.

So friends, if you like it, please comment and let us know which phone you are using now. And what phone you want to use in the future.

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