Type of Smartphone Sensor | How does it work?

Now we all use smartphones, but now smartphones have many types of Smartphone Sensor. Now the question is how many types of sensors are there and what are their functions?

Smartphone Sensor
Smartphone Sensor

Type of Smartphone Sensor


Now the most important sensor is the proximity sensor. The function of the proximity sensor is when we call someone or if someone calls us then we take the phone to the ear. At that time the screen turned off automatically. When the phone is removed from the ear or the phone is cut off, the screen automatically becomes again.This type of work is done by proximity sensors.

How the proximity sensor works?

when we call someone then our phone proximity sensor becomes active . Then a beam light comes out with that proximity sensor. If this beam light gets interrupted with an object then the beam light goes back to the sensor. And then our screen goes off. Similarly, when we move the phone to the ear, the beam light is reflected back to the sensor and the screen is turned off. When the phone is removed from the ear, the beam light comes out of the sensor and the screen turns on. The beam light emitted from the proximity sensor has a much lower range. So when you take an object close to the sensor, the screen turns off.


It is a type of orientation sensor that works as an orientation in the phone.

When you install an app on your phone, or download and open a game, that game is opened in landscape mode. You may also find that your phone’s rotation mode is found in the notification option. If you activate the auto-rotated option, then if an app is vertical, then it becomes horizontal, that is, it becomes landcaps.
The function of the Accelerometer sensor here is to show your apps exactly the way you hold the phone. This means that if you hold it vertically, your phone will show vertically. And if you hold it horizontally, it will show horizontally. This type of work is done by this Smartphone Sensor.


This sensor is very popular, it is given in most of the phones. Gyroscope is a kind of orientation sensor, it works just like Accelerometer Sensor. This sensor provides very accurate information .

What is the function of gyroscope? The gyroscope calculates the angular velocity. This means that the gyroscope calculates or measures the orientation and movement of your phone. Wherever your phone has moved or which direction it is, in which direction your phone is located, all this kind of work is basically done by the gyroscope sensor.

Example, If you play a car racing game on your phone, you have to move the phone to the right or left. then your car moves to the right or to the left, then all this work is done by the gyroscope sensor.

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This phone sensor is also a type of important sensor. Many of you will have noticed this.
When you use your phone in low light, the brightness of your phone automatically decreases. Also the brightness of your phone automatically increases when you use the phone in more light. It is through the light sensor.
When you use the phone in the dark, the brightness of the phone automatically decreases so that it does not affect your eyes. Similarly, when you use the phone in sunlight, the brightness of the phone automatically increases so that the screen of the phone can be seen better. This type of work is done by light sensors.


Magnetic feel are used here. Basically we call this type of sensor compass. Compass is given to most of our smart phones through which we can understand which direction is like north, south, east, west. If you need to know which direction you can use this compass. And this kind of work is done by this Smartphone Sensor.


This sensor is an important sensor. It is also now used in smartphones. It is a kind of sensor that can tell you how far you are from the sea level or how high you are.
This sensor works when you use GPS or when you want to know how far you are from sea level. Which is a good way to find an accurate location.
Also if you want to know what has changed in the weather, you can find out with the barometer sensor.


Biometric sensors such as fingerprint and face lock are used for this type of work.. This is done by biometric sensors when you use your fingerprint, face lock to put some kind of security in your phone. These sensors are used to enhance or improve security.


This type of sensor is basically used to measure the temperature inside the phone. The thermometer sensor is used to accurately determine when your phone’s temperature is rising and falling.


Pedometers are basically used for step counting. Pedometers are used to calculate how many times you have moved or how far you have gone.