What Is Fast Charging Technology | How It Works?

My phone is not Fast Charging Technology supported. But if I connect a Fast Charger to my phone, will my phone charge quickly? Today I will discuss the answer to this question in detail.

Fast Charger – As you can see from the name, the charger that charges the smartphone quickly is called Fast Charger. But no, there is a lot to know here. Companies have given different names to Fast Charger, some say Adaptive Fast Charger, some say Quick Charge, some say Vooc Fast Charger, and many more. What do they mean by these names? What is Fast Charger? Today I will answer some of these basic questions.

Fast Charging Technology
Fast Charging Technology

Fast Charging Technology:

The issue of Fast Charging Technology started in 2013. Qualcomm created a new technology called “Qualcomm Quick Charge” and it was a 10W charger. The previous chargers were 5W or so. But when it came to 10W, the phones started charging faster. And since then the story of this Fast Charging has started. When you look at a charger, you will notice that the body of the charger says Volts ~ mAh. Many chargers carry 5-Volts 1mAh or 2mAh or more. Volts are given at the beginning, for example, after 5-Volt, “amp” means Max Current output. Now if you multiply these two, you will find out how much watt your charger is.

Suppose 5V ~2A is written on a charger which means 5V x 2A = 10Watt. This way you know that it can be a 10W charger or even 9V x 2A = 18W. So this is an 18W Charger. And the higher this Watt, then higher the Charging Speed.

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Does fast charger work on any phone?

No, it won’t work. Because the phone that you will charge with Fast Charger will also have the capacity to take 18W. The circuit and battery on the phone must have the ability to take this power. So Fast Charging will not work even if the phone is not Fast Charging Technology Supported.

Now your question may be, if the phone that is not supported Fast Charging Technology, if you charge the phone with a Fast Charger, will there be any damage to the phone or not?

Most of the time it is not a problem, because phones have such protection. Through this protection technology phone communicates with the charger. Does charger say I can give the phone 18W Do you need it? Don’t call! It won’t take that long. I can take up to 10W. Then say Charger, take 10W. So when there is such a communication between the two, there is no problem. Because the phone does not go 18W then. The charger will give you what the phone can take and the phone will take that.

All mobile companies say to use the charger that comes with the phone. That would be better to use. And sometimes the battery blasts that we see can be caused by a damaged charger or a damaged battery. However, these are very rare.

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Why do different companies call the same charger by different names?

Technology is the same but since Qualcomm initially branded it as “Quick Charge“, others no longer call it by the same name. Qualcomm calls Quick Charge-1, 2, 3, 4, etc. And since Qualcomm has branded with this name, other companies call Fast Charger by different names. Basically the Charger is the same. But the companies have named the charger differently.

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