What Is LiFi Technology? | LiFi 100 Times Faster Than WiFi

WiFi ! you might have heard this word already we are using right now. LiFi! I think you might hear about this word too! So, Many of you think that LiFi Technology will work 100% faster than WiFi Technology And it is better than WiFi Technology. So, many of you don’t know how LiFi Technology works. First of all, Wi-Fi means Wireless Fidelity, and Li-Fi means Light Fidelity.

LiFi Technology
LiFi Technology

What Is LiFi Technology?

In 1992 one Australian Astronomer invented this! This came from a failed experiment they were experimenting on the Explosion of Black holes. But the experiment had failed! and they invented WiFi. They are John O’Sullivan and his colleagues. They all together conducted the experiment and WiFi came into existence so, we were using this WiFi for different purposes and we cannot live without it! Wireless communication is useful in many ways!

Now LIFi Technology has arrived. LiFi Technology was introduced by Harald Haas in 2011. He gave the demo of this in 2011. He proposed that we can use light for communication. Light is part of the electromagnetic wave! Communications like WiFi or mobile communication Microwaves or Bluetooth. Everything here will have a range of up to 300GHz. We call these radiofrequency waves.

It was made in 2014 and demonstrated in MWC. It is still under the demonstration stage. They want to make a chip which can be inserted into mobiles. We can use LIFi Technology in mobiles still they didn’t start making this chip! At present we can use LIFi only by connecting USB to the computer system and laptop’s In mobiles for WiFi connectivity there will be an antenna for receiving WiFi signals. Similarly, If we want to use LiFi in our mobiles there should be some chip for that then we can use LiFi in our mobiles.

Why LiFi Technology will work faster than WiFi Technology? How can we communicate using light?

Above mentioned communication methods use these Radiofrequency waves for communication. Signals from the cell tower use radiofrequency. And Bluetooth signals also use radio waves signals. WiFi also uses radiofrequency waves. We call these waves RF waves. So, these all will be below 300GHz and not above 300GHz these speeds will not be high enough. If we consider light, the light will have nearly 800THz of frequency that means if we compare light frequency from radiofrequency light is 10000 times faster than radio communication. So, this is what he is proposing. We can also use light for communication.

Harald Haas gave a demo for this in the year 2011. In his demo, he streamed a video and showed by streaming an HD video. He was using light for doing this Light will flicker when we on the light source. It will flicker about a thousand times which means it will continue on and off we cannot see it with our naked eyes but we can feel it going on and off continuously but it will flicker several times per one second. And he performed this by using LED bulbs They used this flickering for the data transfer and communication. But data transfer will be in binary code something like that 01100110. So, that’s how data will be transferred.

For example, when you on a T.V and operating it with your remote control so, between your remote and T.V infrared, IR blaster Infrared waves will be working on binary language 0110 like that. Data will be transferred by means of binary code from remote to T.V so, the channel can be changed. It is only a single data stream here you can see when you consider light it has multiple data streams and all are parallel we can see here data stream will be much faster in lightwave communication!

LiFi Technology will not work with radio frequencies it will work using infrared waves like remote control If we look briefly into the demonstration they’ve given a connector to the light and ethernet cable is connected to it. And it is attached to the sealing of the room Light and the connector both fixed to the sealing and they both are connected. Now whatever the data were are streaming from the internet.

For example, if I wasn’t to open a website from the internet first the information will be sent to the light. Light will flicker several thousand times and the binary code will be 10100 like that. This binary information will be converted to digital output this is done by the receiver at the bottom the job of the receiver is to convert the binary information into digital output. And the receiver will be connected to the system by means of a USB cable. So, whatever we are browsing in the computer information will be displayed on the monitor, like video or website Interference for the Information, like other light interfering. The information coming from the source of the sun is interfering with the source.

And this problem was also solved. They manufactured a receiver that will only digitize the information coming from the flickering source. For example, when I opened a website light source which is flickering will be digitized and will eliminate all the unwanted light from the surroundings. If I kept two lights left and right, it will ignore these light it will digitize only the information coming from the source which was transferring data and flickering.

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Why LiFi Technology didn’t come into the limelight and why we couldn’t able to use LiFi Technology?

The main reason is LiFi Technology will use only light as the energy source. If we turn off the light we cannot able to access the internet. So, the light should be turned always on! dim light can also be used for the LiFi connectivity! data will be transferred It runs even in low light But light should be kept turned on.

Next point, light cannot travel to other rooms it can’t get through the walls! But if we consider WiFi it can get through the walls of the room. It consists of some range. For example, I can use the WiFi from this room too and Another room too! WiFi will connect even in another room. But LiFi won’t connect we should sit under the light. So, In this way LiFi has some disadvantages. They are trying to solve all these problems. If I keep light above me, I can able to access it only here itself. I can’t use it if go to another room or somewhere. Otherwise, we should have a whole ceiling covered by LED bulbs and they should contain transmitter compulsory. Data should go to the lights receivers below the light will transmit the data.

This whole process is risky. The whole ceiling should have LED bulbs even when we move the LiFi should switch from one light to another light all the information should come to the mobile devices or computer whatever it may be! So, it is still under the development stage they are still demonstrating about LiFi! But light so cheap when compared to WiFi can be used directly in households or offices. In South Korea, some offices are using LiFi in their offices. Speed will be excellent there will be no interference and if we consider radiofrequency one will get faster internet than others. But LiFi will be different speed will be more when it is compared with WiFi speed will way too fast for LiFi. It is 100 times faster than Wifi.

So, that’s all about LiFi and its complete information for you about WiFi and LiFi we are still using WiFi. And LiFi Technology is still under the developing state. If it completely develops surely LiFi will be the best option security will be more. If we were doing something in this room data will not be transmitted to other rooms because light cannot get through the walls and radiofrequency waves can be transmitted through the walls. So, security will be more in LiFi than on Wifi. So, this is the overall difference between WiFi Technology and LiFi Technology.

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